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qvc logo shopping network is an online store and television network founded in 1986 by Joseph Segel.

You can do online shopping at QVC from the following countries. Select the country below and you will link to the website.







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Some example products you can buy:

  • Nail polisher
  • kitchen
  • jump starter
  • Electronics


Online Shopping

The Practical Guide to secure shopping on the Internet includes in its first section some “basic tips” that may be obvious, but are essential. Thus, he points out that purchases should be made from pages “that inspire confidence”, with a website that clearly indicates the person in charge of the store and its location and who, in addition, details the information of how it will deal with the data that you deliver and the form of payment.

They also recommend using a card exclusively for online purchases, as well as checking that the devices are connected to a secure network. He warns that you have to be wary of overly attractive offers or that you never send cash to complete a purchase.

Likewise, it indicates that «you can desist from a purchase or contract without having to give explanations in the 14 following days» and, that of carrying it out, this action should not entail any cost.