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1 That depends or proceeds directly from the State or from a recognized authority.
“bulletin, form, an statement, school, entity, in this academy, we offer an official title approved”

Who has the authorization or recognition necessary for something.
“the news is official, official boyfriend”

adjective / common name
[person] That, under the orders of a boss, studies and prepares the administrative part of the business in some types of office, such as lawyers, notaries, customs, etc.
officer of the Auxiliary room of the collegiate courts, of a hierarchical rank lower than that of secretary.
senior official In Spain, public official on which common services depend, or the highest hierarchy or seniority.
“The City Council will have to hire for a year a senior officer, technician in administration and possibly a lawyer by profession, according to the mayor”

In Spain, [student] who attends a teaching center that depends on the State with all the rights, in front of the free students.
“official students will be enrolled in June”

common name
Military that belongs to a category superior to that of the non-commissioned officers and inferior to that of the chiefs.
“the officers are military officers who have graduated as lieutenant, lieutenant and captain (in the armies of Tierra y Aire), and of ensign of frigate, lieutenant of ship and lieutenant of ship (in the Navy)”

Person who works in public administration and has the intermediate category between assistant and boss.

male and female name
Person who has finished learning a trade, but who is not yet a teacher.
“Hairdresser officiates, in the work a master bricklayer, four officers and two apprentices”




Web is an English word that means “network”, “web” or “mesh”. The concept is used in the technological field to name a computer network and, in general, the Internet (in this case, it is usually written as Web, with the capital W).

The term, however, has several uses. In addition to naming the Internet in general, the word web can serve to mention a web page, a website or even a web server.

It is important to establish that this term is also part of what is known as the World Wide Web, which is the computer network used throughout the world. At the end of the 1980s, it was the birth of one that allows any citizen, through an Internet connection with a browser and a computer, to access the web of their choice from any corner of the world. He can do it to inform himself, to entertain himself or simply out of curiosity.

A web page is a document that includes an HTML file with text, images, videos, Flash animations, etc. The set of web pages that are usually part of the same domain or Internet subdomain is known as a website. Within the website, all pages are related to each other and are linked by links (also known as links, hyperlinks, hyperlinks or links).

Many are the existing recommendations about the essential characteristics that a web page must have in order to be considered good, useful and optimal. However, among all of them we would highlight the following:
• Must possess a perfectly clear hierarchy. That is, all its elements must be clear and organized in a comprehensible structure.
• It is essential that you respect and comply with established web standards.
• Must have the most useful format to address and address the issues to which it refers.
• No less important is that it offers the user something more. That is to say, it is about finding information, curiosities and solutions in it.
• You must be clear about the audience you are addressing in order to address the issues that most interest and concern him.
• It is essential to allow a simple and fast navigation, without long waiting times for your items to load.
• Must include audiovisual material that makes it more attractive and dynamic.
• It must allow the interaction of all its Internet users.

The web server, on the other hand, is a program created to transfer web pages through the implementation of the HTTP protocol. By extension, a server is called the computer where said type of software is executed.